A love letter from the designer ~

Huge congrats! You’re pregnant! There are probably a million new thoughts running through your mind about what the next 9 months, and all the years thereafter, are going to bring. If it’s 3am and your heart palpitations and the endless “what-ifs” are keeping you awake (like mine did), don’t worry, you’ll soon settle into the idea that you’ll have a beautiful little being depending on you for its every need and desire. Don’t sweat it. Just keep this in mind: all you have to do is feed them, change them, bathe them every once in a while, and love them. The insane love that will fill your every fiber when that baby is born will give you the strength to move mountains. And, well, you can sleep when you’re dead.

Now, if you’re anything like I was when I discovered I was pregnant, the prospect of an entirely new wardrobe for the next 9 months may seem like an excellent excuse to shop and a fun way to pamper yourself during this amazing time. If you haven’t started looking, I’m sorry to break it to you, but times are tough for the pregnant fashion lover with a young, playful sense of style. Your new choices are now pretty much limited to looking like a “mom”, a “professional”, or that girl in school that chatted up the teacher every day after class and did extra assignments for bonus marks. It was because of this reality bomb that Babe Maternity was born.

Babe is a shout out to all you bad-ass chicks looking to keep your fashion spirit alive while rocking your new, fabulous baby bump. While personal style and wardrobe creativity will get you far in this game, Babe wants to give you some super fun options designed to make you feel like the hawt mamma you are, with the functionality and comfort you’ll be needing. 

It gives me great pleasure each and every time I ship off a pair of Babe Maternity Leggings because, having designed and worn them throughout my two pregnancies, I KNOW just how much you’re going to adore them.

Love to love you,
Laura Elizabeth